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Yachts Rentals

Yachts Rentals

Before you hire a yacht, determine for yourself:

      • What kind of boat you prefer – sailing yachts or motor yachts
      • Number of guests on board - number of cabins depends on number of the guests, and, consequently, the size of the yacht.
      • Itinerary of your tour.
      • Budget.

Choice of period and itinerary of yachting

The most favourable time for the sea tour to the Mediterranean is the period from May to October. The climate conditions are successfully combined with diverse cultural life on the French Riviera. Perfect timing for the most outstanding and significant events taking place such as Cannes film festival or Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, MIPIM, the world's leading property market, or MAPIC, the international market for retail real estate as well as Regattas in which you can participate directly.

Yacht choice

First of all, it is necessary to choose the type of yacht - sailing yachts or motor yachts.

Motor yachts are the best choice for those who prefer the charter holiday including all its comforts – they are mobile, high-speed and ultramodern vessels. Thanks to the navigational equipment, you will feel all the charm and the freedom of navigation on the sea. Moreover, they have a two-tiered superstructure and an open upper deck.

You are ensured a truly royal holiday, because your floating palace is equipped with maximum comfort, great interior space, and all necessary systems and even pitching stabilizer. Thanks to the ability to reach speeds of up to 40 knots per hour, motor yachts are ideal for long trips and long distances.

The disadvantages of traveling by motor vessels remain the sound-engine noise and the high consumption of fuel, which can affect the final price of the charter.

Sailing yachts is for romantics and dreamers from childhood of sailing. Nature itself will become the assistant to overcome the sea force. The difference between the sailing yachts and the motor yachts is that instead of a motor hum, you'll enjoy the sounds of the sails and the mysterious whisper of the sea! Sailing yachts practically don’t use fuel and consequently do not require extra costs, which reduces the final cost of the charter.

Disadvantages of sailing are the almost constant feeling of tilt deck during navigation and the crew steering the vessel. Sailing yacht can’t compete with the motor yachts in speed and the itinerary will depend not only on your desire, but also on the wind direction.

There is also a combined type of yachts: motor-sailing yachts. They combine the advantages of both types: the naturalness of the propulsion from the sailing yachts and independence from the weather conditions from the motor yachts, together with a similar level of comfort.

Mega-yachts and super yachts - comfortable vessels for the fans of incredible luxury.

Yacht equipment

You will not be disappointed of your leisure time, as a rule, on the vessels, there are water motorcycles, hydro cycle, boats and jet skis, fishing equipment, wakeboards, windsurf, equipment and compressor for diving, masks, snorkels and fins for snorkelling, fishing tackles, " banana, "" donut ", and other" toys ". You can taste all the charms of the sea entertainments!

The comfort of the yacht facilities will make your trip extremely pleasurable. At your disposal there will be high-quality audio-visual equipment: TV, video, Hi Fi systems, audio and video collections. Most cabins of yachts have a telephone connection (satellite or cellular), you can also use fax and e-mail in the office of the vessel.

Yachts of luxe type are equipped with pools, Jacuzzi, fitness-centres, massage rooms, computers and mini-bars in cabins, etc. – up to restaurants, casino and helipad- on the luxury mega-yachts!

Yacht charter costs

According to the terms of the standard contract MYBA (Mediterranean yacht Brokers Association), compiling with our customers, yacht charter includes the hire of the yacht (use, maintenance, etc.) for a determined period, crew cost, except food , marine insurance for the yacht, including third party liability. VAT and other taxes are to be paid extra on the charter sum. However, in favour of our clients, we usually rent commercially registered yachts, that are not taxed. We would like to note that the contract does not provide the personal life insurance of the passengers.

Additional charges

To the cost of yacht charter, you must add APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) that is a deposit to cover any additional costs not covered by the charter contract, which accounts usually about 30% of the cost of the rent. This amount is transferred to the captain of the yacht so that he can take care of the purchase of the food necessary for your travel before your arrival. All additional costs during the trip will be paid from this deposit. Unspent funds are 

returned, over expenditures, in turn, should be paid as they are incurred.

Additional costs (APA) typically include:

Fuel for the yacht according to theactual spending, taking into account the delivery of yacht to the port of delivery and return to the port of redelivery.

      • electricity and additional fuel used by passengers for their entertainment (boat with water ski, jet skis, work of compressor for diving) 
      • food and beverages for the charter passengers
      • harbour fees
      • communications, used by passengers on board
      • additional services of instructors, guides etc.;
      • hire of other special equipment, installed on the request of the client

When compiling the contract of yacht charter, the client is suggested to complete the special form allowing him to clearly formulate his demands to the service on the board, mainly, the special order for the food and drinks (for example, the vegetarian dishes, vintage wines, high quality whisky, mineral water, black caviar, etc.) The preferences of each clients are taken into account; for example, the flowers, newspapers, musical records, computer games on board and etc., as well as the medical precautions of the passengers if they have any. In the special form, it is also written the itinerary and the events you want to be organised by your chef and the crew of the yacht.

Yacht charter conditions

In order to have the opportunity to choose we recommend you to book the yacht several weeks minimum in advance of the desired start of your trip.

If you can’t make your choice on our site, you can send to us the individual request by e-mail: info@serviceazur.com, indicating the dates and duration of the charter, number of passengers, budget and navigation zone, according to it we’ll find the suitable option. We take 2-3 days to proceed your individual request. After we find the yacht which best meet your request, we rent it by means of the rent contract – MYBA Charter Agreement.

50% of the sum of Charter Fee is due to be paid by the Charterer upon the signing of this agreement by transfer to the bank account.

The balance of 50% and APA are due and payable not more than 1 months before the Delivery Time.

If you hire a yacht less than 1 month before the delivery date, upon the signing of this agreement then 100% of the sum of Charter Fee and APA are due and payable.

      • Before your trip you will be asked to fill in a form, a list of your food and drinks preferences, according to which the captain will purchase the necessary provisions. 
      • If it is left less than one month before your trip, you pay 100% of the yacht rent and APA at the same time when signing the contract.

Have you already, thought what will be the itinerary of your tour?

Interactive map of the tours and their description on our site will help you to make your virtual sea voyage to estimate the attractiveness of your chosen destination. It will be our pleasure to develop your individual itinerary according to your wishes and technical capabilities of the yacht.

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