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Tips for the tenant

Our competent staff will take care of all your holiday arrangements and will be on hand throughout your voyage, from choosing a yacht on the Côte d'Azur to handing it over at the port of disembarkation. From a fine classic yacht to the latest speedboat, a wide selection of vessels is at your disposal.

Before renting a yacht, decide for yourself:

  • Whether you prefer a sailing or a motor yacht
  • Number of guests on board: the number of cabins and, consequently, the size of the yacht.
  • Your itinerary
  • Budget
  • Time and location of the cruise
  • The most favorable time to travel to the Mediterranean Sea is from May to October.

Climatic conditions are well combined with the cultural diversity of the Côte d'Azur. It is also a great time for major events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco F1 Grand Prix, MIPIM or MAPIC real estate salons, as well as sailing races in which you can intervene.

Choosing a yacht

First of all, you must choose the type of boat (sailing or motor).

Motor yachts are a great option for those who prefer pleasure boating with all conveniences: they are mobile, fast, and ultra-modern. Thanks to the navigational equipment you can feel the pleasure of freedom of movement on the sea. They have a two-level superstructure and an open top deck.

You are guaranteed a truly royal vacation, because your floating palace is extremely comfortable and spacious, equipped with all the necessary life support systems and even a rock stabilizer. With the ability to reach speeds up to 40 knots per hour, motor yachts are ideal for long distance cruising.

The disadvantages of traveling on motor boats remain the sound - engine noise and high fuel consumption, which can affect the final rent price.

Sailing yachts are for romance lovers, those who have dreamed of sailing since childhood. Nature itself will be your assistant in overcoming the elements. Unlike motor yachts the positive difference is that instead of the rumble of the motor you will enjoy the rustle of sails and mysterious whisper of the sea! Sailing yachts practically do not use fuel and therefore do not require extra expenses, which reduces the final cost of the lease.

To the disadvantages of traveling under sail can be attributed the fact that you will almost constantly feel the tilt of the deck during the movement and involuntarily observe the movements of the crew to control the ship. The speed of a sailing yacht will not allow you to compete with motor yachts in speed, and the route will depend not only on your desire, but also on the wind direction.

There is also a combined option - sailing-motor yachts. They combine the advantages of both types: the naturalness of sailing plus the independence from the weather conditions of motor yachts, coupled with a similar level of comfort.

Mega-yachts and super-yachts are comfortable vessels for lovers of special luxury.

Yacht equipment
You won't be disappointed with your time on board as they usually carry jet skis, jet skis, boats and water skis, fishing gear, wake boards, windsurfing, diving gear and compressor, snorkels and flippers, fishing gear, "banana boat", "donut", and other "toys". You will be able to taste all the delights of marine entertainment!

Comfortability of internal equipment of the yacht will make your trip exceptionally pleasant. High quality audiovisual equipment will be at your disposal: TV, video, music centers, audio and video library. Most of the yachts have a telephone connection (satellite or cellular), and you can also use fax and e-mail in the office.
Luxury yachts are equipped with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, fitness centers, massage parlors, computers and minibars in the cabins. and more - up to restaurants, casinos and helicopter landing pads - on the most luxurious mega-yachts!

Yacht charter costs
According to the typical MYBA contract (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) concluded with our clients, the cost of the charter includes the lease of the yacht for a certain period, its insurance and the salary of the crew. VAT and other taxes are included. However, in the interest of our clients, as a rule, we rent yachts, which have a commercial status and are not taxed. Please note that the contract does not include personal insurance for the passengers.

Additional expenses
The APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) must be added to the charter price to cover any extra costs not provided for in the contract, usually about 30% of the charter price. This amount is given to the yacht's captain so he can take care of buying the food needed for your voyage before you arrive. All additional expenses during the voyage will be paid from this amount. Unspent funds will be refunded; overruns, in turn, will be paid for locally.

Additional expenses (APA) usually include payment for:
fuel for the yacht, according to actual consumption, taking into account the delivery of the yacht to the place of landing and return to its port;
electricity and extra fuel used by passengers for entertainment (water skiing boats, jetski, diving compressor operation)
meals and drinks for passengers;
parking in ports; port taxes (for mooring, etc.)
telecommunications used by passengers on board
additional services of instructors, guides, etc.;
rental of other special equipment, installed according to the client's request.
When signing the contract for yacht rent the client is offered to fill in the special questionnaire, allowing him to formulate clearly his requirements to the services onboard. First of all it concerns the catering: special orders for food, rations and drinks (for example vegetarian dishes, availability of branded wines, expensive whiskies, "own" mineral water, black caviar etc.) Clients' preferences are taken into consideration: for example, availability of flowers, newspapers, certain music records, computer games etc., as well as information about medical contraindications of passengers, if any. The questionnaire also includes stops in certain ports, events or holidays you would like the chef or crew to prepare for.

Booking a yacht
To be able to make a choice, we recommend booking the yacht at least several weeks before the start of the charter.

If you can not make a choice on our site you can send us an individual request by e-mail info@serviceazur.com, indicating the date and period of the charter, number of passengers, budget, and navigation area, according to which we will choose the right option. The processing of your individual order will take 2-3 days.

After the yacht best suited to your needs is chosen, the booking is made - the MYBA Charter Agreement is signed.

You pay 50% of the rent cost when the contract is signed according to the details specified in the contract.
You pay the remaining 50% and the APA no later than one month before the start of the charter.

If you rent a yacht less than one month before your desired date, you pay 100% of the rental fee and APA when you sign the rental contract.

Before your voyage, you will be asked to fill out a preferences list questionnaire, according to which the captain will purchase the necessary provisions.

If it is less than a month before you start your voyage, you pay 100% of the charter fee and APA at the moment of signing the contract.

Have you thought about the itinerary for your trip? The interactive itinerary map and descriptions on our website will help you take a virtual voyage to assess the attractiveness of your chosen destination. We also will be glad to work out individual itinerary for you, according to your wishes and technical possibilities of the yacht.

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