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How to rent a pleasure boat on the French Riviera?
  • Choose a boat from our French Riviera yacht charter catalog.
  • Use the yacht charter request form so that we can offer you the best boat option. Please indicate a charter period, number of guests including children, port of departure and return, as well as your budget.
  • Contact us by email or phone  +33 4 93 29 84 25.
What is the boat booking procedure?
  • Sign a standard MYBA rental agreement. 
  • When booking less than one month prior to the charter beginning, a 100% of the charter fee is to be paid ( VAT and APA included).
  • 30% to 50% of the charter fee is to be paid while booking the boat several months before the charter begins. VAT and APA are due one month prior to charter.
What does the yacht charter fee include?
The yacht charter fee includes the cost of renting the boat itself with its crew, insurance, equipment and water toys.
What is the MYBA rental agreement?
When chartering a crewed private yacht, you will be asked to sign a standard charter contract of Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association – MYBA, generally applied in the French Riviera.
What is APA?
APA - Advance Provision Allowance est une avance sur provision et est destiné à régler les dépenses courantes du yacht, telles que le carburant, la nourriture et les boissons des passagers à bord, les frais d’amarrage et autres demandes particulières des passagers lors du charter. La plupart du temps, le montant de l'APA est compris entre 25 et 30 % à ajouter au tarif de location.
How is food organized on a boat?
You’ll be asked to complete a preferences sheet in which you should provide detailed information on your food preferences, favorite drinks and any food allergies. Ensure to make it as detailed as possible in order to help the crew prepare your charter in the best way possible and the chef be able to meet all your menu expectations.
How many passengers can charter a yacht?
The number of people allowed to charter a yacht depends on her size, license and compliance with the international maritime authorities. Most private yachts are limited by safety regulations to a maximum of 12 guests. However, it is possible to invite more than 12 people once the boat is moored.
Should I tip?
Tipping is at your discretion; however, it is customary to thank the captain and crew when you are satisfied with their service. Tips of 5 - 10% of the total charter fee is considered fair. It is usually left to captain who will share it with his crew.